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Posted on Aug 22nd, 2012 by Jeanne Golan

Album of the Week at WQXR (with streaming availability for Aug 20-7!) and at Ariama too! Fascinating to see how various radio hosts, reviewers and writers consider this material; links below so you can peruse as well. Only want to add that in getting to this moment, working with ArkivMusic and Steinway who have shown such integrity every step of the way, has been a pure joy.  The care they’ve taken in giving this album a home – the beautiful design of the package, from a cover based on a vibrant abstract expressionist painting of Franz Marc, to the 12 page booklet(!) that allows for real content in program notes, with Franz Peter Kien’s wonderful caricatures of Ullmann peppering the pages – all of it celebrates the vitality and affirmation inherent in Ullmann’s music.

Now to hear from others, click on any of the following:

Ullmann CD – WQXR Album of the Week – available to stream for the week of Aug 20th.

Ariama Review of Ullmann – chosen “Feature of the Week” (Ariama is the Sony Online Publication.)

Midwest Record – review 2nd down between Bono and Zappa!
Ariama Feature: Silenced Voice – interview with Jeanne Golan
Czech Position Article – on Ullmann w/interview
Examiner Article – The ever playful sonatas of Viktor Ullmann


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