Spertus, Spurts of Inspiration

Posted on May 28th, 2012 by Jeanne Golan

Simmer mode – the creative juices are churning but not yet fully seasoned.  I’ve been quiet here in these last few weeks.  When I started this blog, a friend jokingly offered a recipe for how often to post- laundry day.  Now several rounds of laundry since my last entry (one would hope so!), there are so many pots stewing that it’s hard to know where to begin.   Perhaps with just a couple random instants for now.

Chicago, sharing Ullmann with Spertus, was deeply gratifying.  They’re a lovely organization with a windowed building right on Michigan Ave that lets light in, both literally and metaphorically.  The audience was mostly seated on stage; we could easily see each other, which made for a very personal exchange.  After my talk-and-play, a lively q&a!

Speaking of good conversation, was contacted by an American journalist now living in Prague.  Michael Stein had recently come across Ullmann and also in thinking about Yom HaShoah, wanted to interview me for an article.   What he wrote put a few things in a perspective I hadn’t considered, so I’ll leave off today with his words via this link:  Czech Position Article



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