It had been a Tuesday

Posted on Sep 11th, 2011 by Jeanne Golan

Sunday, wish it didn’t come on a Sunday.  As the culture is consumed with remembering, I am home with coffee in hand looking through artworks and photos that were created in Terezin by interned artists and children.  There’s been a lot of air traffic up and down the Hudson River as this is a high alert day for NYC.  But otherwise, it’s a quiet Sunday, brilliant sunshine quickly chased down by overcast, and the river still strangely colored by the mud churned up by last week’s hurricane.  A little while ago, the bells tolled outside at the appointed times that each of the towers fell.  Seeing this art in this moment, it reaches in to somewhere deep – the need for mankind to express it’s experience, the connection it makes to those of the times and those to come.   Some of these works are heartbreaking, some so beautiful and fanciful in a way that you’d never think would come from such circumstances.  Enough.  Have no desire to be at the piano today but am drawn to continue gazing…

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