Not quite south of the border

Posted on Mar 28th, 2011 by Jeanne Golan

Just back from southern California, where I’d never been before.  Was wonderful to have three very different Ullmann offerings to make and have each be a confirmation that this music and its story will connect to any group of people in any number of circumstances.  The house concert for the Jewish Music Commission – I couldn’t have encountered a more lovely and appreciative group of people and was treated warmly by those putting the event together.  Makes me smile to think of it.  They asked after my bat-mitzvah training and were delighted to learn that Harold Kushner was my  Rabbi.  The next day at USC speaking with graduate students about Terezin was a reminder of how much fun it is to be in the classroom.  (And yes, I’ll be back to it full-time soon enough!)  And then the full concert experience in La Jolla on a wonderful instrument in a grateful acoustic for an audience who wasn’t at all “classically” oriented, but were with me 100 percent all the same!  Even to the point of calling out  to comment on my introductory remarks – how super!  An interactive audience! And even better, when the music was going, they were completely still and intent on listening.    Celebrated the experience with a 3-hour trailride, our horses on the beach, a stone’s throw away from Mexico.


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