Embodying Ullmann

Posted on Jun 15th, 2010 by Jeanne Golan

True to form, now that I have a plan with self-induced deadlines, am pushing myself to get ahead of it.  So I’m already ready to fold in another sonata as the others keep progressing in the various states they’re in.  Hits me that if No. 5 is next, I’ll have all the odd-numbered and also have covered the full range of Ullmann’s compositional span.  So far, each sonata is proving to be quite individual, almost as if Ullmann had encountered a different composers’ work before starting each new composition and was intrigued enough to  play with those compositional ideas on his own terms and see what he could do with them.  Even so, I keep discovering signature Ullmann moments and overall structures, am developing a familiarity with his language and an increasingly innate pianistic sense of the specific physicality that will flesh them out.

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